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Holy Trinity Medical Centre (HTMC) has been a successful medical centre since its establishment in 1988.  The Centre is a Limited Liability Company set up by Dr. Felix Kwaku Anyah. The headquarters is situated in Accra (Swanlake, North Kaneshie) and has a branch in Sogakofe in the Volta Region, and is poised to offer high quality health services at an affordable price to its clientele.

HTMC has expanded from 42 Bed Health Services Provider in 2002-2003 to 60 in 2003 / 2004 and 72 in 2007 which includes executive wards, General Wards and 30 new Executive suites at our SPA & Health Farm, Sogakofe. The centre’s retainer companies increased from 92 in 2003 to 108 in 2004 with in outpatient attendance increasing by 16,225 in 2003-2004.

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Powered by Tengine with the provision of exclusive health packages and facilities has won the hospital the retainership to handle most international accounts which include the US Embassy, USAID and the British High commission on retainership bases.

In order to delight our customers and maintain leadership in the health industry, Holy Trinity Medical Centre (HTMC) complemented its existing superior service lines in 2004 with a SPA and HEALTH FARM, at Sogakofe in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region, the first of its kind in the whole West African Sub-Region.  It is comparable only to SPA and Health Farms in South Africa on the African continent.

This innovation has been necessary particularly because of the increasing role stress and other social and lifestyle factors are playing in the emerging global health demographics in our modern age.  This new service serving as a unique selling proposition to provide our clients both local and abroad with curative rehabilitative and preventive 24-hour holistic health service encompassing orthodox, complementary and alternate medicine.


Holy Trinity Medical Centre (HTMC) SPA and Health Farm’s objectives are mainly specific, realistic and timely and are set on broad view terms and short marketing terms. Readmore


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